We provide qualified repairs of axial piston hydraulic generators and hydraulic motors, hydraulic units and valves of domestic and foreign production, including regulators repairs. We also perform setting of components after repair based on the customer’s requirements.

As part of our service activities, we provide measuring and diagnostics of hydraulic systems right at the customer’s site.  We use regular testing equipment for rotary converters, valves and units, we use unique DYNTEST energy efficient testing equipment controlled by a computer with digital output. We provide warranty for each repair.

Stanislav Odolan
T: +420 271 090 129
M: +420 728 384 660
E. odolan@glentor.cz


Wide range of hydraulic, metal and industrial hoses. We also offer fittings, measuring and regulation equipment. All this including deliveries and services connected with the production and repairs of high-pressure hydraulic hoses and other accessories. Service is also performed at the customer’s place with a fully equipped mobile workshop available.

Hydraulic hoses

  • 1 and 2 wire hydraulic hoses
  • 4 wire high pressure spiral hoses
  • high pressure fittings

Industrial hoses for all types of media

  • for water, air, technical gases, fuel/petroleum/oil, chemical transfer
  • exhaustion, and ventilating hoses, hoses for abrasives and concrete
  • drain, waste, steam hoses
  • hoses for food industry

  • hose clips, clamps, bayonet couplings for refrigerating systems

Quick disconnecting couplings

  • ball high pressure couplings
  • threaded high pressure couplings
  • threaded for trailers – low pressure air couplings

Industrial oils

  • hydraulic oil HLP 46
  • special hydraulic oils
  • oil for pneumatic system, oils for guide way

Metal hoses

  • stainless steel, corrugated, multiple braided, all-metal hoses with threaded fittings and flanges

  • metal, textile and rubber compensators

Fittings according to DIN 2353

  • fittings with metric, BSP (tube) and UNF threads in light and heavy series; wide range of adaptors
  • connectors and tube fittings
  • threaded reducing sleeves and adaptors

Pressure gauges, Minimess system, measurement gauges and accessories

  • pressure gauges of different ranges, sizes and jointing types
  • jointing nipples, couplings, reductions; measurement hoses
  • pressure, flow and temperature gauges
  • pipe clamps, hose clips
  • complete simple and double pipe holders for pipeline – ASK and MRS clips

Rudolf Melč
T: +420 271 090 140
M: +420 605 074 789
E. hydraulika@glentor.cz


DYNTEST electro-hydraulic test bench is used for testing various types of rotary pumps and motors, both non-variable and variable, with different control devices. Units are tested in energy-saving mode, in static and dynamic operation. The testing process is computer controlled, with the possibility of two regimes – manual and automatic. Set and measured parameters are stored for repeated measuring of identical component. The test bench is designed for test pressure to 350 bar, flow to 250 dm3 min-1 , installed input is 120 kW.

DYNTEST test bench was developed and designed by Glentor Ltd.

Device advantages:

  • power efficiency higher by 52% in comparison with classical systems
  • required input decreased by 60% at minimum
  • fully automated testing process with a possibility of storing test data by computer
  • automatic record of the testing process and results – available for customers

Basic technical parameters:

  • input power installed 120 kW
  • maximum testing pressure 350 bar
  • range of unit displacement: 50÷180 cm3
  • range of revolutions: 500÷2500 min-

Basic capabilities of the test bench:

  • testing of hydraulic rotary pumps and motors
  • testing hydraulic pumps both in open and closed loop circuits
  • stepless change of pressure and revolutions
  • testing in both directions of rotation
  • testing in generator and motor mode
  • remote control of displacement with adjustable speed change
  • electrical measurement and sensing of hydraulic quantities and their     transfer to computer

Pavel Horský
T: +420 271 090 130
M: +420 736 489 856
E. horsky@glentor.cz


We provide services and production of high-pressure hydraulic hoses using our own service vehicle. Replacements and total repairs of hydraulic and other lines directly at our customer’s site.  We are ready to get to you even after the working hours, at weekends and on holidays.

CONTACT: +420 605 074 789

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