Purge valve blocks

Valve Technology

Product Description

Purge valve blocks of VB 16 series are used in hydraulic closed loop circuits with hydraulic motors in which a purge valve is not installed (e.g. circuits with radial piston motors). They serve for circuit flushing, reducing temperature in the system and removing air from hydraulic fluid. Typical application is in hydrostatic propel systems of mobile machines

VB 16-03 and VB 16-08 are designed for installation in pipeline. Special versions were developed for direct mounting on the main ports of Linde variable pumps of HPV-02 series.

VB 16-01 / HPV 55-02
VB 16-02, VB 16-04 / HPV 75-02,  HPV 105-02
VB 16-05 / HPV 135-02
VB 16-06 / HPV 210-02
VB 16-07, VB16-09 / HPV 165-02

  • Nominal size:16 mm
  • Nominal pressure: 350 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 420 bar

Contact Person

Martin Valošek
T: +420 271 090 159
M: +420 602 702 700
E. valosek@glentor.cz

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