Axial piston hydraulic motors

Product Description

Hydraulic motors of HM series are axial piston units of bent axis type. They have fixed displacement and are designed for hydraulic systems of mobile and stationary machines. They can operate both in open and closed loop circuits. HM motors are bidirectional, i.e. their rotation is possible in both clockwise and counter-clockwise.


Axial piston motors for hydraulic systems of mobile and stationary machines.

  • displacement 2.5 – 105 cm³
  • pressure nom./max./peak 250/350/400 bar
  • max. speed up to 100 rev/s
  • max. torque 65 – 550 Nm
  • on special request with case pressure up to 3.5 bar

Contact Person

Stanislav Odolan
T: 420 271 090 129
M: 420 728 384 660

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