Inch valves

Valve Technology

Product Description

Inch valves are used in hydrostatic propel systems of mobile machines as an override control of variable pump which is fitted with speed-dependent control.
They are produced in two-way and three-way versions.


Inch valves serve for braking or quick stop and for slow smooth take-off of a mobile machine when the pump main control is not in function.

Two-way inch valves IV 08-2, IV 08-2H

Inching function represents controlled connection of pump control pressure with tank. The valve is operated either mechanically (IV 08-2) or hydraulically (IV 08-2H).

Three-way inch valve IV 08-3

Inching function represents controlled equalizing of pressure in the pump servo-cylinder.
Nominal size: 8 mm
Nominal pressure: 20 bar


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Martin Valošek
T: +420 271 090 159
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